Norwegian Breakaway – Water Slides

Norwegian Breakaway – Water Slides

Norwegian Breakaway Water Slides

Video here!

One of the things that I look forward to most on a large cruise ship is the water slides. That’s the place where I get to let my inner child come out (along with available bars – juuuust kidding) and really have a ball. My only regret so far is that the place where I’ve had the change to enjoy it most was on the Norwegian Epic which my husband has not had the chance to enjoy. So when we both decided to spend the first day in Bermuda on the ship having fun on the water slides and ropes course instead of shore side it was one of the highlights of this cruise for me.

There are five water slides on the Norwegian Breakaway, out of the five, two sets of two mirror each other. The yellow and purple ones and the red and blue free fall set.

I’m just going to go into talking about the free fall slides. Before getting on them I noticed that there were these backpack type contraptions that are these soft foam boards you have to wear on you back. I simply didn’t know what they were used for. The attendant asked me if I wanted to go on the fast slide, and so of course I said “yes”. He proceeded to strap me in and told me to go to all the way to the top. I merrily walked up another 20 feet or so worth of steps, to see two men standing next to what turned out to be pods. I smiled at them all the wall ignoring the sign that said “free fall” and wondering just what kind of slide this was. I thought that perhaps the “pod” would sail through the tube.

It wasn’t until I stepped my first foot in that it hit me, — the floor was going to fall from under me and I was going to drop into what would feel like is the oblivion of nothingness, which of course was really the water slide. As the pod door closed around me and I leaned back with my arms crossed and thinking of the best way to maneuver my feet (flat against the back, a few inches up, toes pointing in…) the door slowly closed sealing me in and off all chances of “escape”. I gulped, remembered all of the good times I had in my relatively short life, and wondered how fast the medical team could revive me from cardiac arrest. Of course I’m being overly dramatic, but when the floor fell out from beneath me, I had the sudden urge to cry, laugh and scream all at the same time. I might have even accomplished it. My memory of the few seconds of swirling through the slide abyss now evade me. What I do remember is coming out into the water area below heart beating faster than an baby mouse on a treadmill and thinking “gee that was fun”… as hubby and I both walked up stairs to do it all over again.

What I call slides 3 and 4 and fun twisty ‘turny’ slides that come out about two levels below and the blue open top slide starts about 3 decks up and comes out near the pool area.

Note: All slides come out into a small water holding area with about 10 inches of water (just like the ones on the Epic) and not into a main pool. Which with my iffy swimming skills is just the way I like it.


Water slide video here:


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  1. Looks like so much fun. Loved all the pictures just awesome. Thanks for sharing them all.

    • Thank you so much for checking it out!

  2. Great video, I really want to get on this ship so I can hit the slides!

    • Thank you! You’ll really enjoy them, they bring out the kid in everyone! :)

    • The video and pictures look awesome but I am too chicken to try them myself. Afraid of drowning

    • It’s better than it looks, I promise! I’m not a great swimmer and when I jumped on the first slide I wondered where it would come out into the pool or holding area. Thankfully it was the latter and the water there isn’t deep at all. It’s just enough to cushion the slide into bottom. :)

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